this song is my oldest one and last one of my Demo, during the years I've changed it I think 20 times, not because I didn't like it but because was a kind of a natural transformation. On this track you can hear a vinyl going on with a man singing and a little band playing, the audio comes out in a discontinuous way because I scratched on purpose the vinyl. I wanted to create something new from a destruction and find a point where the record would stop automatically. From that point something new would come out, a piano melody. The original idea is: even if you take a decision that everyone would not do (example: not scratching a record because otherwise it gets ruined) there is still a possibility that something good comes out from that choice.


from UNDER CHANGEOVER, released February 10, 2017



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UNDER CHANGEOVER Lugano, Switzerland

Music project by Adriano Iiriti

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